Ann provides piano instruction for beginning, advanced beginning, intermediate, and advanced intermediate students of all ages and abilities.  Lessons range from 15 to 60 minutes in length depending upon the age and level of the student.  Lessons combine material in piano performance, music theory, and musicianship in ways that are engaging and enjoyable for the student.


Books and lesson materials are selected by the teacher as needed, and purchased at a discount when possible.  Reimbursement for materials at the discounted price is payable when the material is introduced for use in lessons.  Students are strongly encouraged to  use a piano notebook/folder where assignments, notes and music can be kept.  Students are responsible to bring their music book(s) and materials to lessons.


Because piano playing involves the development of cognitive and neuromuscular skills, daily practice is necessary to optimize learning.  Generally, the recommended practice time per day should match the length of the student’s weekly lesson time (i.e., 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes).  Doing a little practice each day is preferable to longer, less frequent practice sessions, especially for beginners.  The best time to practice will be relaxed, free from distractions, and ideally, time when the student looks forward to learning and improving piano skills.


An annual recital is scheduled at the end of the spring semester, and provides a chance for students to share the music they have been learning.  Students are encouraged, though not required, to participate.  Family and friends are invited to attend, and refreshments are served after the recital.  Occasionally, a fall recital is scheduled at the end of the fall semester.

 Lesson Schedules, Locations, and Fees

Lessons are available year round, and lesson schedules are set at the beginning of each semester and the beginning of the summer.  Lessons are scheduled for a set day and time each week.  The studio lesson fee is $40 per hour; the in-home lesson fee is $60 per hour. Fees are payable at the time of the lesson, or in advance at the beginning of each month.  

A scheduled lesson is considered a mutual commitment on the part of the teacher and student.  If a student must miss a scheduled lesson, the fee will be waived if the teacher is notified at least one day in advance.  If the teacher must miss a scheduled lesson, notice will be given as early as possible, generally a week in advance.  Make-up lessons will be arranged as schedules permit.

 Studio Location

Ann’s piano studio is located in Caledonia, New York.

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Studio Location:

Caledonia, NY