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Welcome to the creative piano blog! In this entry I’d like to talk about my approach to teaching. I love to teach, I’ve had great teachers and I’ve taken a lots of lessons from them over the years. To me, piano lessons are about the individual. What I bring to lessons as a teacher is really very careful attention to the student, whether it’s a young child, a school-age child, a teenager or an adult, I am really working to listen carefully, learn from that person what is the best way for him or her to learn, and then tailor my lessons to him or her. So it’s about customization, it’s about listening carefully, it’s about building a relationship with that person and having fun together. It’s really important to me that there is joy in the lesson and that it really builds on what it is that the person wants to learn.  I hope this gives you a little bit of a sense of how I work. I’ll be talking about this more in future blogs and I look forward to seeing you then.

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