Here are some of my favorite music books & resources you might find enjoyable, useful & inspiring… Have fun!

The Art of Practicing:  a Guide to Making Music from the Heart by Madeline Bruser (1997, Crown Publishing)

In this excellent book, pianist and teacher Madeline Bruser presents wonderful ideas and insights for approaching practice in a naturally relaxed and focused way.  Useful for any instrumentalist.  Here is a brief master class video with Bruser. She also offers a free e-zine on fearless performing that is especially useful for teachers and advanced students.

Making Music for the Joy of It:  Enhancing Creativity, Skills, and Musical Confidence by Stephanie Judy (1990, Penguin Putnam Inc).

Billed as “a guide for adult beginning and amateur musicians,” this wonderful book provides a wealth of useful information about approaching music with ease and joy.  Recommended for musicians at any level, and a good book for parents who have children taking lessons.  See a recent article by Stephanie Judy on Music Making and Education first published in ARTiculate Magazine (Fall/Winter 2012-13).

How Can We Keep From Singing:  Music and the Passionate Life by Joan O. Goldsmith (2001 W. W. Norton and Company)

A book about the joy of singing, music, and practice written by singer and  classical music reviewer Joan O. Goldsmith.  A great book for everyone, especially anyone interested in singing and the creative spirit.

Music Mind Games, Revised Edition by Michiko Yurko (1992 Warner Brothers Publishing Inc.)

A wonderful resource for music educators, this edition includes over 200 games that can help students discover all aspects of music theory and reading concepts.  See .  Here is a sample activity with young students:

What to Listen For In Music by Aaron Copland (1953, Mentor)

This classic by composer and performer Aaron Copland provides great information on the adventure of learning how to listen closely and really hear what is going on in music.  A great book for everyone!

The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green with W. Timothy Gallwey (1986, Doubleday)

Based on concepts from the Inner Game of Tennis, this book by bassist and music professor Barry Green is useful for musicians at every level.  Here is a video demonstrating key concepts of the inner game:

How to Grow a Young Music Lover:  Helping Your Child Discover & Enjoy the World of Music by Cheri Fuller (1994, Harold Shaw Publishers)

This book  is a good basic resource for parents.  Includes some ideas on how to make music a part of family life.  The classics month-by-month section is a good listening guide for introducing young people to classical music.

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